Our Rock Solid Warranty

Rock Solid Warranty

All Bedrock Sandals now come with our Rock Solid Warranty for the lifetime of their Vibram soles. Our Warranty covers all sandals with atleast 1mm of Vibram sole material remaining below the balls of your feet. If your sandals break during this time we will either repair or replace them for free. If you manage to put enough miles on your sandals to wear them beyond their lifetime we first offer our sincere congratulations and then give you store credit to receive 50% off a replacement pair. Email support@bedrocksandals.com to claim your warranty.

Note: We are grandfathering all customers into our Rock Solid Warranty Policy who have purchased Bedrock Sandals beginning October 12, 2012. This is when we began introducing our countersunk thong strap system which dramatically increased the longevity of our straps. 

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